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Shoes are a kind of shoe, is lined with cotton, animal fur, and other items, so that people can protect the feet from frostbite in winter. The middle of the upper and the sole shoes filled with cotton and other insulation materials to keep out the cold. Shoes for handmade products, making the relative comfort of a few machinery will be poor. With the improvement of people's living standard, the cotton padded shoes styles and colors have the great changes, making shoes both beautiful and warm, well suited to all kinds of clothes and home wearing. In accordance with the shoes of the wearer's gender restrictions can be divided into men's and women's shoes shoes. The famous Shanghai warrior shoes have production Puma Couple Basketball Shoes Black gray. Puma Couple Basketball Shoes Black gray is an indispensable necessities in winter people, belongs to the machine for mass production of shoes. Puma Couple Basketball Shoes Black gray production materials can be classified into three categories: cloth cotton padded shoes, leather shoes, leather shoes and anti-static shoes according to the. Additional features of different materials of the shoes are not the same, wearing occasions can also be distinguished. Choose a suitable Puma Couple Basketball Shoes Black gray, whether it is to give their relatives or friends, in the cold winter, will bring a little warmth.

  • SHOES TYPE:basketball shoes,basketball sneakers
  • STYLE NAME:cheap shoes online
  • CLASS NAME:puma running
  • COLORS: black gray
  • GENDER:cheap kids shoes Australia
  • UPDATETIME:2016/11/15 11:45:40
  • WEIGHT:1.15 KG
  • SIZES:MENS US7,US8,US8.5,US9.5,US10,US11,US12. WOMENS US5.5,US6.5,US7,US8

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