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Tennis shoes are the shoes used in the sport of tennis. Tennis sports and basketball is very similar: the strength, the direction of change, the requirements of the impact resistance, stability, good shock absorption, good, good, but in fact, the tennis game is more intense than the basketball movement, so it requires tennis shoes in addition to have more than the functional characteristics, the shoes are also the best for help. The professional tennis shoes brand survival Adidas, Nike, Lining, warrior and so on. Among them, the most close to Puma Couple Basketball Shoes Black white. Puma Couple Basketball Shoes Black white in fact is our country's first professional tennis shoes, cheap. Like most authentic tennis shoes, Puma Couple Basketball Shoes Black white of the rubber toe on the packet is sufficient, especially on both sides of the extension is very long, very conducive to a sudden stop, real time location. On both sides of the forefoot thick and strong, is conducive to the strengthening of stability in the horizontal moving fast, instant, slip. The second half is small, is conducive to the rapid retreat and improve the pace of flexibility. Since most of the tennis sports venues have three types of different nature of the material composition: grass, sand, hard, so you can choose a variety of soles of the shape of the Puma Couple Basketball Shoes Black white to provide you with the best play in various venues.

  • SHOES TYPE:basketball shoes,basketball sneakers
  • STYLE NAME:cheap shoes online
  • CLASS NAME:puma running
  • COLORS: black white
  • GENDER:cheap kids shoes Australia
  • UPDATETIME:2016/11/15 11:45:34
  • WEIGHT:1.15 KG
  • SIZES:MENS US7,US8,US8.5,US9.5,US10,US11,US12. WOMENS US5.5,US6.5,US7,US8

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