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Badminton shoes are special shoes for badminton. The most important performance of badminton shoes is the slip of the soles. At present, there are three main points of the badminton court, including the plastic floor, the wood floor and the cement floor, and the two of them are the most suitable for the competition. It is worth noting that these two venues for professional badminton shoes demand is not the same. Raw rubber soled badminton shoes grip is strong so more suitable for wood site, is more suitable for low rubber plastic ground. Now, the production and marketing of the market more than the brand shoes, different brands of shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, and so on. For example. Domestic Puma Couple Basketball Shoes red, general vamp for cloth, sole is green herringbone patterns of rubber overshoes, the styles of shoes will not be very slippery, can withstand the emergency stop sharp. The disadvantage is that the thin soled wear faster, but wins in the excellent in quality and reasonable in price, average person can withstand. Choose a pair of light weight, wear comfortable Puma Couple Basketball Shoes red can make your fleet. On the badminton court better play.

  • SHOES TYPE:basketball shoes,basketball sneakers
  • STYLE NAME:cheap shoes online
  • CLASS NAME:puma running
  • COLORS: red
  • GENDER:cheap kids shoes Australia
  • UPDATETIME:2016/11/15 11:45:47
  • WEIGHT:1.15 KG
  • SIZES:MENS US7,US8,US8.5,US9.5,US10,US11,US12. WOMENS US5.5,US6.5,US7,US8

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