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      NIKE if you are a fan of the shoes, I believe you are no stranger to these two brands, these two brands are the shoes which are the characteristics, also has NIKE shoes, so how to Puma X Rihanna red skateboard shoes for mens in air force low 1 foot? How to look? Puma X Rihanna red skateboard shoes for mens is wearing from human wearing Juegan? If the best comfort, it can be said that a shoe wearing feeling is really great, not only can bring you a wonderful experience, also can let you play in the mountain, or when running to be able to feel the shoes a kind of incomparable wearing comfort, people can believe that only through experience. If you are a relatively large foot, then you can choose to wear a large number of shoes, of course, must wear socks wear, because the time will not feel the discomfort of a summer sweat uncomfortable feeling, we must stand up and walk a few steps, only this way, you know how large yards of shoes is really suitable for their own. If you can use the same method when choosing a smaller shoe. Air Force 1 low how appearance? From the appearance, the brand of shoes is completely perfect, shoes stylish atmosphere, a lot of boys will it has alone bell, collocation summer shirt or T-shirt is a best choice, also on the soles of the feet of the design is very distinctive, with anti-skid, shock proof and a different experience, whether it is worn on any occasion, can highlight your self-confidence and elegance, let you in such a kind of shoe that harvest to belong to his that a full of self-confidence and happiness.

  • SHOES TYPE:skateboarding shoes,skate shoes,skater shoes,skateboardings
  • STYLE NAME:Puma X Rihanna
  • CLASS NAME:puma x rihanna
  • COLORS: red
  • GENDER: mens
  • UPDATETIME:2016/11/15 16:00:14
  • WEIGHT:1.25 KG
  • SIZES:MENS US7,US8,US8.5,US9.5,US10,US11,US12. WOMENS US5.5,US6.5,US7,US8

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