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Home repair services in Schofield, WI

March 17, 2022

It sometimes feels like being a homeowner is a full-time job. There’s always something that has to be fixed or improved, and there’s always another project on the horizon. It’s challenging to juggle those responsibilities with employment and other commitments. Fortunately, a remedy is available. Ace Handyman Services of Greater Wausau has highly skilled and friendly professionals who can help you. You can rely on us to deliver local handyman services in Schofield.

Outstanding Customer Service

Our objective at Ace Handyman Services of Greater Wausau is simple: to provide superior home maintenance services. They recognize the value of your property and are dedicated to making houses more pleasurable and livable via the process and end result. You can rely on us to be dependable, honest, and provide high-quality workmanship at a reasonable cost.

We are committed to serving you as a locally owned small business. We deliver dependable, timely, and guaranteed services thanks to our national brand’s reputation. From beginning to end, we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations. theytreat your house or company as if it were our own, with exceptional customer service, highly educated artisans, and guaranteed craftsmanship.

The craftsman who has been trained and has a lot of experience

We can help you with any project, no matter how big or small it is, and we can do it quickly and efficiently. home repair services in Schofield, WI personnel is well-versed in a wide range of maintenance, repair, and remodeling techniques. Our certified, bonded, and insured tradesmen are committed to completing any project to your satisfaction after passing a thorough background check.

Decks, patios, gutters, fences, and weather stripping are examples of exterior repair and painting work, as are interior projects like painting, furniture installation, and floors. We can certainly handle it all when it comes to handyman services! We will not only beautify your home, but we will also make your life easier.