best vinyl plank flooring in Lubbock, TX

Know how to install the best vinyl plank flooring in Humble, TX

January 27, 2022

You have chosen to install attractive, durable, and final flooring in your home. A choice that can boost the value of your home and will allow you to look great in your spaces. best vinyl plank flooring in Humble, TX, is known for its versatility, durability, low cost, and comfort for walking on.

You can easily install over the rigid or leveled surface, including wood or even one layer of existing hard flooring.

How to install the best vinyl plank flooring in Humble, TX

To install your vinyl planks, follow the steps below:

  • Grab your tools – vinyl cutters are the best choice to cut vinyl pieces, but you can also use the utility knife, jigsaw or miter saw. The other tools you need are the measuring tape, pencil, straightedge, rubber mallet, tapping block, caulk, and nail gun. Gather your safety gear, and it is best to wear safety goggles, work gloves, and kneepads.
  • Prepare your subfloor – your subfloor should be clean, rigid, leveled, and free of cracks. If the subfloor is unleveled, fix the low spots with the self-leveling product and sand down the high spots. Remove any old vinyl flooring and temporarily remove the baseboards and molding.
  • Measuring for your vinyl installation – find out how much product you need with the product calculator. You will still need to adjust the width of your last and maybe the first row of the planks, which means you have to do some measuring.
  • Preparing your doorways – cut the door frame to allow the planks to slide easily below them. To make this kind of cut first, take a plank of flooring and lay it finish side down next to the doors molding. Trace a guiding line along the molding surface with a pencil to show where the cut should be, then use the saw to cut.
  • Installing your first row – start by removing all the planks from the boxes and shuffling them together to make things look natural. Lay down the first plank leaving the proper expansion gap between eh edge and the wall. Install the second plank by holding it at an angle and inserting its grove edge over the first plank tongues edge. Please keep the same thing with each plank and snap them together. When you get to the end, cut the last plank to fall into expansion gaps worth the place away from the wall.