Create NFTs


January 29, 2022

There have been several platforms all over the internet that have been promoting the NFTs i.e., Non-Fungible Tokens to improve the economy through digital assets. Although it hasn’t been yet accepted by every government but still it has been accepted as an authentic form of currency to make any kind of sale, purchase or investment. NFT has also been a source of entertainment through several brands introduced by platform.

This website allows its clients to initiate their own NFT marketplace with several benefits that would help them customize their own NFT, keep track of it through integrated software and channel it with a secure network. Apart from this, their other principal attributes are,

Create NFTs

  1. Exclusive blockchain- Users will have their own independent private database to store the information in digital format. This will be extremely helpful to people who scale up small business as they can sell innumerable NFTs keeping the cost factor in control.
  1. Secondary or Aftermarket field where the users can review the former digital assets like stocks, bonds, shares, etc. and resale those NFTs in their own secondary marketplace at reasonable price.
  1. User-defined collectibles are crafted on this platform. They allow to generate the NFTs by the clients so that they can have round the clock access and keep a record in their inventory for doing the sale on their website.

Apart from this, offers several packages for the users based on their requirements and budget.There are 3 kinds of plans to which the user can subscribe for their NFT business. They are,

  1. Beginner plan for $99/month- For starters or artists who wish to sell their digital artwork directly to the fandom, this plan would be the most affordable and suitable one. It includes listing up to 100 NFTs, an Ethereum blockchain, limited library of diverse templates and ERC-721 minting.
  1. Commercial plan for $499/month- For traders who wish to grow their business, this plan would be appropriate. It provides listing of infinite NFTs, templates that can be customized, partial access to the API system and ERC-721/1155 minting.
  1. Custom plan- For an official enterprising firm, this package contains exquisite features that would challenge the rival firms as it is customizable. It offers personalized smart contract, full access to the API system, rather than Ethereum it gives a private blockchain, the assets will be secured, an integrated SSO login system and much more.