What Is Freight Forwarding & How Does It Work?

November 29, 2022

Freight forwarding is a process of sending freight from one place to another with the use of a freight forwarder, also called a freight broker. Forwarders charge fees for their services such as handling and shipping the goods, sometimes at an airport in-terminal or sometimes on location, where they can ship by air or road depending on the distance and volume of goods involved.

The main advantage of using a freight forwarder is that the goods will be handled with due care, as if they were carried in their own trucks. The goods will also be shipped faster and with less risk than if they were being transported by other means such as personal vehicles and small planes, making the cost to ship them cheaper. This also makes the importation of small quantities as low as possible, giving you more control over what you send. The costs involved in shipping via a freight forwarder will be much lower because they have already factored the added cost of expensive on-site handling, as well as the cost of shipments by air and road.

The main disadvantage of using a freight forwarder is that they charge fees to use their service. The fees can vary depending on how big the shipment is and how far it needs to be shipped. These fees may also incur for things such as paying for insurance, tipping staff and shopping bags etc.


If you have a consignment you want to ship, you will have to evaluate theĀ tips cari jasa pengiriman barang murah and whether the shipment is worth paying freight forwarding fees. This is done by comparing the cost savings of using a freight forwarder with the cost of using other means such as shipping via air and road. The issue to consider here is that if you can ship the goods yourself, then this would save you money, in addition to possibly reducing risk and losing or damage.

Who uses a freight forwarder?

The main users of a freight forwarder are companies who need to ship large amounts of goods across the world. In particular, companies who have a high volume of goods that need to be shipped often have to use a freight forwarder as other methods are considerably more costly. The most common types of companies using a freight forwarder for this is Internet Traders, such as those trading in electronics, computer games or products. In the United Kingdom usually only firms who deal with the importation of goods will use a freight forwarder. However in some other countries they are used by firms involved in the manufacturing and sale of various goods including cars and electrical household appliances.