Renewing the dining area: better round table or square table?

April 8, 2022

Whoever speaks of “squaring the circle” is perhaps unwittingly referring to a domestic dilemma of ancient memory. Since the tyranny of the square and the rectangle has been established for public and private buildings, in perfect harmony of views, a sinister doubt hovers in the smallest spaces of the dining rooms, when it is time to buy furniture: it is better to choose a modern round extendable table or a square table? The dining room is trembling for our decisions, it feels a bit bare, it would like to condition us, but nothing is its power and we have to get by on our own handyman packages in Franklin.

Let’s go into, therefore, with a lot of patience, first in some general considerations, useful for making an initial skimming and abandoning impossible dreams, then in other more specific considerations, which outline the panorama of possibilities in greater detail:

Comfort and elegance: round table or square table for the dining room

When you decide to renovate the space dedicated to lunch and dinner in an open space, often the greatest difficulty is encountered when you have to choose the new table. If on the one hand, the living room tables are available in a large number of models to always guarantee the maximum possibility of choice, on the other hand aesthetics and personal taste may not always be the only parameter to be taken into consideration.

In fact, the table represents the fundamental element for the dining area and must be selected with care, taking into account a series of conditions. First of all, you cannot ignore the style of the room : if you decide to furnish the living area and the corner dedicated to dining in a modern style, you cannot then insert a classic or country style table into the furniture, but you must necessarily choose between the different models of modern tables available on the market.

Of course, the same goes for any type of style you choose. Beyond the line, the choice of living room tables must be made keeping in mind two fundamental parameters: practicality and beauty. If the first parameter can be objective, the second is strictly linked to the personal tastes of those who have to buy the table.