How to choose the right sunscreen product for your skin?

July 10, 2021

As there are lots of brands out there in the market manufacturing and selling sunscreen products with different formulas and composition, it becomes really confusing for the common people who are new to this to find a perfect one for themselves. Some make proper research and find a perfect product for them while some fail in the same and end up using some random product that may or may not produce results. If you are someone looking to buy a sunscreen to protect your skin from this hot summer, then do checkout makeup base with spf which would be one of the perfect product for the people who would always love to put on make up while also protecting their skin from harmful UV rays in the first place.

We all are into different professions in this wider world which will often need the people to travel to some other place or perform tasks in the outside environment. In these unavoidable cases, it is important that we find an alternative to overcome this specific situation and not avoid the specific task itself. Read below to know what all things to consider when you want to choose a specific sunscreen suitable for you. They are as follows,

  • Before picking a specific sunscreen product, you will have to make sure whether you are allergic to any of the chemical components or not. This is because these type of products are made along with some chemicals in order to make it more efficient. Try to read the label of those products so that you can confirm if it will be suitable for your skin or not. There are lots of evidences in which usage of these products has triggered imbalance in the hormones, so make sure that you don’t have any problem with hormonal balance already.
  • Sun protection factor called as spf represented in numbers is the intensity at which the product will work in the specific skin in which it is applied. If you are going to be in the sun every day for few hours, then a minimum of spf 15 sunscreen is essential and even more would be needed if the exposure is going to be longer than usual. Higher the spf, higher the level of protection will be from the harmful radiation.
  • Try to avoid the products which contain vitamin A in its chemical form as it is claimed to cause tumor’s in the skin over usage for longer terms. Choose the ones that will have zinc oxide and some other ingredients.These sunscreen products come in different forms including sprays, lotions, sticks and more to be comfortable for various people. Choose the one that you will feel comfortable with. Try makeup base with spf which is one of the great alternative for people looking for both the benefits of sunscreen as well as make up base at the same product. This will avoid you to use two different products but one with this.