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A Beginner’s Guide to San Francisco Gentlemen’s Club

January 19, 2022

A gentleman’s club is an establishment that typically serves as a meeting place for affluent male members of society. The whole idea of this type of club originated in England in the 18th century and has been going strong ever since. Many of those nations who were once under the British regime also started their versions of this club, often drawing upon inspiration from the real phenomenon that started in Britain. The club consists of areas suited for dining, a bar, solitaire or pool lounges, and other parlours for gaming and gambling.

A brief history of these clubs:

The first clubs meant for this purpose were set up in the West End of London known as St. James Hill. They were growing in number and soon took over the coffee houses in the area. They reached their influence in the 19th century and grew in numbers and popularity throughout the country. Some of the first clubs were extremely choosy when it came to their members and would invite people only based on referrals. Their whole motive was to keep an air of aristocracy about them and inculcate a feeling of exclusivity.

Today if someone wants to be part of one of these clubs, they have to go through a thorough screening procedure. The first step involves one of the already existing members of the club nominating someone whom they would want to include as a part of the club. These members are then interviewed and a show of support or objection towards them entering the club is raised. If all goes well, they are then officially inducted as one of the members of the club and are liable to enjoy to the full extent the benefit and services being provided.

One such prominent club in the US would be the San Francisco Gentlemen’s Club. Just like its British predecessors, the club maintains an air of aristocracy. The membership is done through an application and interview process followed by a referral. They are known for some of the best-in-class services that they provide.